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An Innovative Difference

An Innovative Difference

Notions of innovation commonly get tossed about in the healthcare space — and, often, approaches to innovation come in two distinct flavors:

At larger organizations, innovation is often the purview of a specific department or division. Here, great talent is often recruited, collected, and encouraged, but the department or division itself is siloed from the culture and objectives of the organization as a whole.

In contrast…

At startups and smaller organizations, a spirit of innovation is spread far and wide throughout the (admittedly modest) company. There may be a great collection of talent, but there’s no need for an ‘innovation division’ at all — because the very existence of a startup indicates innovation and disruption is likely happening.

The differences between larger organizations and startups hardly end there. Let’s take a look at a few more:


At larger organizations, it’s frequently a challenge or a hassle. Frequently, a lot of stakeholder ‘buy-in’ is needed before risks can be taken and paths can be charted. The larger the company, the more glacial the pace.

That’s why smaller organizations and startups excel at speed. Particularly within a company’s early days, when only a few key decisionmakers are in play, big ideas are executed quickly and without much fuss.


Both startups and large corporations can draw significant talent — but larger organizations reap the benefit (or detriment) of a well-established reputation. Assuming, of course, this reputation is positive, and carries name-brand recognition, it can position large organizations with an invaluable reservoir of trust.

In contrast, startups and smaller organizations have slim or no reputation, unless, of course, they’re guided by founders or executives who are themselves well-trusted.


Without question, an innovative large organization can leverage a massive amount of impact — and with it, an enormous amount of responsibility. The larger the company, the bigger and deeper the footprint.

In its earliest days, however, a startup or smaller organization carries almost no impact — because it may not even yet have clients!

The distinct worlds of big corporations and small startups bring with them a variety of challenges and assets.

But here’s how Belong Health merges the best strengths of these two spheres together:

Through our unique partnership format, Belong Health fuses a startup and a large provider together into an unstoppable service platform that’s designed to meet each patient and provider exactly where they are.

Drawing from an impressive pool of knowledge and talent, we inject innovation directly into pre-existing structures at large, well-established organizations. Soon, rather than find themselves siloed, our teams are working expertly within and alongside established staff, systems, and resources patients and providers have come to trust…

…and, all along the way, we’re amplifying service and support.

Our speed is nimble and responsive, in keeping with the spirit of a startup.

Our impact is extraordinary, from as early as Day One, because we work with local partners who are intimately familiar with the talent, resources, and culture of the areas being served.

By infusing ‘startup DNA’ into a larger, well-established provider, Belong Health — and each of its clients — benefits from creativity and reliability at the same time.

Our unique strategy of building local partnerships means better outcomes on Day One, stronger trust and reputation with the region being served, and more satisfied local talent who are working to the fullest of their potential — all while consistently making a big difference in the community they call home.

That’s the Belong Health difference — and it promises a brighter future not just for healthcare, but for everyone who needs it.

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