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Member Stories: Meet Ms. B.

When Belong Health first came into her life, Ms. B. was 68 years old, lived alone, and didn’t have any family members actively involved in her healthcare. She regularly faced a wide array of daunting medical conditions and concerns, including a history of breast cancer, schizophrenia, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and hyperlipidemia. 

As if all of that weren’t enough to juggle, Ms. B had also experienced multiple cockroach infestations at her apartment — annoyances and health risks that had twice necessitated visits from an exterminator. The persistent little pests kept interfering with Ms. B’s smoke detector. 

This was a lot for just one person to manage — especially as Ms. B’s romantic partner resided in an assisted living facility and lived with his own challenges brought on from a progressive neurological disease.  

Over time, Ms. B began to recognize she could benefit from the ongoing support of a dedicated care management team. Experts who could help her get a fuller grasp on her own health, her environmental hygiene, and her peace of mind. 

Through Belong Health, she found exactly the help she needed. Not only does she now participate in weekly group therapy and in a social club for adults with behavioral health needs, she regularly sees an oncologist and a hepatologist to manage the complex specter of cancer. 

She’s even gotten her smoke detector replaced — and she’s had some visits from a cleaning service to battle back against that bothersome cockroach invasion. 

By leveraging the power of positive assessment tools, Belong Health’s care management team also helped Ms. B patch up a tense relationship with her mother and have, over the past year, guided her to more deeply examine her own ambitions in life. They’ve helped her deepen her relationships and identify activities that bring her joy. 

Now, Ms. B makes plenty of time for calligraphy, creativity, and socialization. 

Day after day, each member of Ms. B’s care management team has remained fully committed to Belong Health’s mission of whole-person care. As a result, her spirits are higher than they’ve been in years — and she’s more ready than ever to take ownership over her own health, her decisions, and her future. 

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