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Member Stories: Meet Mr. S

As a 64-year-old New Yorker with diabetes mellitus, heart disease, hypersensitivity lung disease, hypertension, anxiety, and two leg amputations, Mr. S. had a lot weighing on his mind. For one thing, he was in urgent need of an accessible apartment after his recent leg amputation. 

With the help of Belong Health’s care management team, working diligently in concert with Ulster County Mental Health Services, Mr. S was able to secure a disability-accessible hotel room upon his discharge from the hospital. 

But the care management team’s commitment to his well-being didn’t end there — its members stayed in frequent contact with Ulster County’s Department of Social Services until a permanent, accessible apartment was found and Mr. S. had a new place to call home.

Additionally, Mr. S.’s trusted team of care management professionals linked him to meal delivery, to a new wheelchair, and to a personal emergency response system designed to keep him safe. Mr. S. was also reconnected to a primary care provider and to the appointment scheduling, education, and transportation services needed to help that relationship flourish. 

Close collaboration with that provider even managed to boost hours for Mr. S’s own son to help via consumer-directed personal assistance services (CDPAS).

Simultaneously, the team pharmacist reached out to Mr. S.'s provider for a medication review and he provided recommendations to improve his blood sugars to better manage his diabetes.

Today, Mr. S. happily reaps the benefits of all this life-changing support. He saw significant improvement in his blood sugars by being adherent to his medications and by checking his blood sugar regularly. His annual wellness visit, and follow-ups with various specialists, have been promising.

Perhaps best of all, Mr. S.’s fully accessible housing now helps him enjoy more quality time with his family, who live nearby — and increased CDPAS hours for personal care assistance mean his son can offer him support with minimal stress or worry.

For a family as loving as theirs, healthcare has never felt better.

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