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Member Stories: Meet Ms. C.

At 66 years old, Ms. C experienced a sudden sea change in her family’s ability to support her own care. There was no change, however, in the significant level of need she regularly required to address her medical complexities. Every day, Ms. C battled with hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), fatty liver, spondylosis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety.

Further complicating matters, she had no consistent connection to professional medical care. Although she had previously relied on telehealth therapy visits, a change in provider had prompted her to discontinue that relationship.

As might be expected, that abrupt disconnection only deepened Ms. C’s depression and anxiety.

After Ms. C had made suicidal statements to members of her family during a heated argument, she was taken to an emergency room, evaluated, and provided contacts for community mental health counseling.

That counseling, facilitated by a Belong Health care manager, gently built trust with Ms. C and fostered a whole-person understanding of her wide array of familial stressors and barriers to care. Ms. C was soon equipped with a new primary care provider, completed an annual wellness visit, and was introduced to a gynecologist for preventative care.

She was even linked with an orthopedic back specialist to address her ongoing and debilitating pain.

Recognizing Ms. C had independently discontinued all her behavioral health medication, her care management team stressed the need to re-engage with mental health support. Soon, she was evaluated by a Mental Health Connector psychiatrist, prescribed new medication, and paired with an outpatient licensed clinical social worker for continued therapy.

Today, even without familial support, Ms. C understands she doesn’t have to face her health challenges — or the fear that can accompany them —  alone. 

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