January 2023

Member Stories: Meet Ms. M

With her medical bills mounting, and at risk of losing her housing, Ms. M. knew she needed help. She realized none of her worries would just go away on their own. But she didn’t always make it easy for others to support her. In fact, when Belong Health’s Care Team members first attempted to connect with Ms. M, they learned she was hard to track down. 

Fortunately, through research into her medical claims, Belong Health was able to determine Ms. M. had been attending her medical appointments and was, in fact, picking up her prescribed medications.

This good news was a start.

Across six months of outreach, Belong was gradually able to connect with Ms. M. and to more fully recognize her sense of overwhelm with the challenges in her life. It wasn’t just her diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, hyperlipiderma, and depression that had her against the ropes — it was a mounting sense of helplessness, too.

Fortunately, that was something we could help her address, head-on.

With a mix of expertise and empathy, Belong's care team members sketched a clear picture of the many hurdles in Ms. M.’s life: her medical bills brought her “frustration and stress,” she confided, and she had been struggling with not having reliable transportation to and from her various appointments.

Though these issues had been plaguing Ms. M. for months, they became more manageable, thanks to Belong's support. Care team members ultimately secured in-home visits for Ms. M., as well as a comprehensive overview of her various health benefits and member identification details, all so she could begin to get a better handle on her own care.

The care team also conducted a personal Health Risk Assessment. They fully screened Ms. M. for social determinants of health. They even evaluated the impact of loneliness in her life.

Now, with a clearer picture of all of her needs and achievable solutions, Ms. M. says she feels more hopeful and more capable than before. Today, she has her medications delivered to her at home. She carries less stress and fewer financial worries.

For Ms. M., and for so many other Belong members, a path to a happier, healthier, and more manageable life continues to unfold. All that’s required to find it are a few guided steps in the right direction.