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Member Stories: Meet Ms. J.

After having had a series of disputes with her neighbor over loud music, 58-year-old Ms. J was struck and dragged by a car. That incident left her with a head injury and a tibial fracture — injuries that would require surgery and nine days of hospitalization.

During recovery from this horrific incident, Ms. J knew she would need reliable and consistent medical expertise. She also knew her 36-year-old son – who lived with disabilities, himself – had only limited ability to tend to her physical needs.

Because of her membership in a D-SNP, Belong Health’s dedicated care management team was deployed to help Ms. J safely journey towards recovery. A registered nurse on that team swiftly requested a home care referral for Ms. J and made an appointment with an orthopedist.

With the help of her care management team, Ms. J even received comprehensive support in addressing numerous social determinants of health in her personal life, including food insecurity and a series of overdue utility bills that had been piling up. She was referred to the Mom’s Meals program, a delivery service of home-cooked meals for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. Additionally, the care management team confirmed she qualified for assistance to help offset her overdue utility bills.  

Meanwhile, the community health worker on Ms. J’s team visited the local pharmacy to pick up durable medical equipment for her, to keep her safe while moving from room to room at home. A licensed clinical social worker guided Ms. J through multiple coping methods for dealing with personal stress, as well.

As each step of her recovery progressed, Ms. J always found a helpful ear and mental health support when she needed them most. Just as important, she didn’t have to worry about schedules or prescriptions — the pharmacist on her care management team had those fully under control, always ensuring prescriptions were properly filled and dispensed.

Having each of these specific and vital needs met, without fuss or confusion, meant Ms. J could focus fully on her own recovery and a clearer, healthier headspace.

And, maybe, in turn, a better relationship with her neighbors.

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