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Belonging: Meet Renée Larsen

Belonging: Meet Renée Larsen

As Belong Health’s Director of Finance-Controller, Renée Larsen's job is to oversee the finances and provide valuable information to decision makers, all while learning as much as possible about the company. For her coworkers, she hopes they reach out for information on finances, but they usually contact her “because they want money.”

Renée has two children: A daughter studying Environmental Sciences and German at Mount Holyoke, and a son studying Nursing at Texas Tech. She also has two Labrador mix rescue dogs that are sisters from the same litter. Get to know a bit about Renée's background:

What led you to this career or to Belong?  I took my first accounting class in high school and knew that was what I was meant to do.  It has involved so much more than I initially thought, but I have never been sorry.  I’m still trying to convince my family and friends that finance/accounting can be exciting. I’m not succeeding. I have spent the bulk of my career in finance roles across the healthcare spectrum.  

What kinds of activities energize you? The best times are the times spent with family and friends.  I grew up as an Air Force brat, along with many of my cousins.  We’d all meet in the summer at my grandparents’ cottage and have a wonderful time.  While living in Texas for 23 years, we kept the tradition alive and I would have all of my extended family (17 people) down for the “Family Extravaganza Week”.  One nephew described it as visiting paradise. Now that I’ve moved back home to Wisconsin in 2021 we get to spend more time together.  The out-of-towners are meeting us at a VRBO this summer…the party continues.

In my free time I have a variety of things I enjoy doing.  I love to travel, read, swim, cross-stitch, and play cards.  I’ll enjoy cards more if I can ever beat my sister-in-law.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?  Honest, loyal, hard-working.

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