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Belonging: Meet Phil Stumpf

Belonging: Meet Phil Stumpf

Meet Phil Stumpf. Lover of math and spending time with his wife and kids (+ two dogs). Phil lives just south of Pittsburgh, PA in Bethel Park. 

Phil’s love of math and a nudge from his dad to pursue an actuarial degree led him into the healthcare field. At Belong, Phil is a Medicare Actuarial Associate where he provides analytics, reporting, and insight generation for the members we serve. 

Phil may seem like a mild-mannered actuary, but behind the scenes he is a culture-builder.  In addition to creating custom Zoom backgrounds that can pop-up during random meetings (hello, Steve from Blues Clues), Phil was the creator of Waikiki Wednesdays. Originally a weekly event for the analytics team, the weekly event has spread throughout the company and includes our own Belong-branded Aloha shirts. 

Belong's new Waikiki Wednesday shirts

Under what circumstances would a coworker come to you for something? A coworker would come to me as a thought partner to solve a problem, to build a model that provides insight or direction, or for ACO-related solutions. Give me the end goal of a project, who the audience is, and how I can contribute. 

What’s something—big or small—that you’re really good at? Cooking (at least no one has told me to stop cooking). There are a couple of meals that I really enjoy cooking for the family.  There’s a parmesan garlic shrimp pasta that’s one of my go-to meals along with a homemade mac and cheese.  I’m a big fan of using our crockpot anytime that I can.  We’ll do pulled pork, a ranch pulled chicken, Italian sausage, and meatballs in the crockpot.  

What kinds of activities energize you? Spending time with my wife and kids, walking the dogs, getting things done around the house. We are starting to get busier with after school activities for the kids.  The kids have been involved in soccer, baseball, and hockey.  We’ll be starting basketball and t-ball in the coming months.  We enjoy family movie night on the weekends complete with popcorn and hot chocolate when we’re not running around.

What three words would your friends use to describe you? Responsible, Loyal, Selfless

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