December 2022

Belonging: Meet Maura McGinn

Meet Maura McGinn. Oh, wait— you already have? We’re not surprised. She is the “Kevin Bacon” of healthcare, no more than 6 degrees of separation between her and, well, everyone. Maura serves as Belong's SVP of Growth & Partnerships where she drives the strategy toward acquisition and activation of key health partners. She is a consummate competitor (former D1 soccer player!), a native New Yorker, and dog mom to Puella. Learn more about Maura and what led her to Belong. 

What led you to Belong?  

I had the good fortune of getting to know the co-founders back in 2015-2016 as they were building out the Belong Health concept. After I left my last role, I reconnected with Alon and Patrick and was incredibly excited about the way they had advanced the thinking around the business and the concept. As we continued through the pandemic, it was incredibly important for me to work in an organization that prioritized health access and equity to a population that was once again overlooked during the COVID pandemic.  

What kinds of activities energize you?  

I am energized by spending time with people... especially those who are different from me. I love exercising my brain and my body... so that means reading, trivia, solving hard problems, running (when my knees allow it). I love to golf, travel, drink wine, and be the best aunt to my amazing nieces and nephew.

What’s something—big or small—that you’re good at?  

I’m good at connecting with people. This includes introducing friends who are now married, connecting amazing people with great jobs, and introducing companies that synergistically partner on business development activities.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?  

Driven, fun-loving, loyal

How do you describe Belong to friends or family?  

The Belong Health team is a diverse, highly intelligent & passionate team focused on improving care for traditionally underserved individuals and communities. We do this by partnering with health plans and providers to deliver insurance offerings, care management capabilities and integrated customer service to give them the care they deserve.