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Belonging: Meet Andrew Spinelli

Belonging: Meet Andrew Spinelli

Andrew Spinelli is BUSY. It’s not just because he and his wife have two small children. It’s also because he has a lot of different interests. He loves ALL sports, enjoys woodworking, loves to play games, and is a classically trained musician.  

As Belong Health’s VP of Analytics he is responsible for maximizing the value that Belong derives from analytics products and, by extension, the data it produces and procures. He also guides the analytics development efforts to deliver the most valuable analytics products possible. This enables the Belong team to perform their day-to-day tasks and helps guide our strategic efforts. He also is responsible for all actuarial services. A graduate of Carthage College, Andrew and his family live in Grafton, WI  

What led you to this career or to Belong? 

I had my eye on healthcare actuarial for years prior to finding my first position in the field.  I pursued a career in healthcare because I feel healthcare finance and quality is one of the defining challenges and opportunities of our time, and I wanted to be part of the process of finding a solution. 

What kinds of activities energize you? 

Sports, really any sport.  I love to move and work on coordination, strength, and speed. I also like tree work and carpentry.  It is a feeling really. I just like swinging an axe and sawing and sanding and finishing.  I like holding wood in my hands.  In a way it makes me feel connected to my ancestors, using simple tools and working with a widely available resource.  

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? 

I love playing with my daughters, Juniper (3) and Mabel (7 months).  I love going on adventures with my wife, Colleen: Rock climbing, snowboarding, and traveling.  I like chess and other board games new and old, and like to play video games.  I have a lifelong love of music and enjoy singing (which I am pretty good at) and playing guitar/piano (which I seem to be an eternal novice at). 

What’s something—big or small—that you’re really good at? 

I am really good at singing, having trained in classical voice during and after college.  I sang with the chorus at the Florentine Opera, the premier opera company in Milwaukee, WI.  

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