Belong’s Difference

Maximizing the impact of local health plans

Belong Health advances patient-centered healthcare and reduces the cost of caring for underserved and complex populations.

Doctor smiling with patient

Belong Health works with local health plans to provide regionally informed, humanistic care to a rapidly expanding community of need.

With people at the heart of everything we do, Belong Health is built on seven core values:

  • Stay curious and be kind

    Being right without being kind isn't enough. Ask great questions, listen deeply, and show empathy. Seek out ways to learn from others and better understand their point of view.

  • Do what’s right, even when it’s the hardest thing

    Strive to be honest, transparent, and inclusive in working with our members and partners. When faced with a tough decision, ask yourself, "which action would I be proud to take?"

  • Find the yes before saying no

    Explore how something can work before arguing why it won't. Lean into new ideas, look for opportunities where others see obstacles, and don't be afraid to try something new.

  • Be the best teammate you can be

    We are always better together. Look for ways to nurture relationships with teammates and partners. Make commitments openly and always do what you say you're going to do.

  • Roll up your sleeves and contribute

    It's everyone's job to get their hands dirty. Look for ways to help-out and make an impact, no matter how small the task.

  • Stick with it – others are counting on us

    The path we've chosen is not the easy one, but we are steadfast on our journey knowing that our work is mission critical for our partners and life changing for our members.

  • Cheer for each other

    Every "win" is important no matter how small. Recognize and celebrate the achievements of your teammates. It's up to each of us to make Belong a fun place to do our most important work.

Our Promise

Together, our team delivers on the promise of smarter, kinder, and more collaborative care — tailored directly to support the complex populations we serve

Older woman smiling with her nurse, walking down a hallway

Leading Belong

Our cross-functional experts have spent years changing lives by delivering world-class healthcare services. Now, working together, they’re offering a full-stack operating health plan that provides holistic solutions and superior support.

  • J. Patrick Foley

    J. Patrick Foley

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jennie Byrne, 

    Jennie Byrne, MD, PhD

    Chief Patient Officer

  • Ramon Jacobs-Shaw, MD, MPA

    Ramon Jacobs-Shaw, MD, MPA

    Chief Clinical Officer

  • Gen Gillespie

    Gen Gillespie

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Lewis Biggers

    Lewis Biggers

    Chief Provider and Health Plan Performance Officer

  • Tahasin “Taz” Alam

    Tahasin “Taz” Alam

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Alon Krashinsky

    Alon Krashinsky


  • Brian Lovett

    Brian Lovett


  • Maura McGinn

    Maura McGinn

    SVP, People + Operations

  • Kathleen Conley

    Kathleen Conley

    SVP, Program Management

  • Natasha VanWright, RN, MBA, MS, MA, CCM

    Natasha VanWright, RN, MBA, MS, MA, CCM

    VP, Care Management

  • Julie Berez

    Julie Berez

    VP, Partner Operations

  • Mac Davis

    Mac Davis

    VP, Analytics + Growth

  • Venky Ravirala

    Venky Ravirala

    VP - Engineering

Let’s join forces and change lives together

We’re seeking passionate individuals eager to solve pervasive problems. Together, we’ll bring quality healthcare — and safer, longer futures — to communities that yearn for a healthier tomorrow.