Building the future of complex care

Belong Health works with regional health plans and hospital systems to grow or to launch new Medicare Advantage and Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan insurance offerings.

A risk-bearing partner, building with you

We are not consultants or service providers but collaborators who help develop custom solutions for your needs and share the risk of launching and building them. No other platform offers the breadth and long-term support of our partnership model.

A built-to-suit health plan solution

Scalable implementation of Belong Health’s full-stack health plan operating platform works in harmony with your existing offerings. Our experts bring exactly enough support to suit your unique needs — filling gaps and adding strengths to provide complete service for you and your members.

Health Plan Infrastructure

Operating Partner Belong Health

Provider Engagement

Operating Partner Belong Health

Integrated Customer Service & Care Management

Operating Partner Belong Health

Care Delivery

Operating Partner Belong Health

Data, Technology & Analytics

Operating Partner Belong Health

Focused on your patients with a fresh approach to engagement, backed by science

  • Through innovative technology, expertise, and support, Belong Health advances patient-centered healthcare and reduces cost for underserved and complex populations.

  • We engage members using behavioral science and psychology that tailors sequence, cadence, and team composition directly towards each member’s needs.

Let’s build together

Ready to see how you can improve care for the most complex members of your community?

Get in touch so we can begin creating a holistic, data-informed product map of your existing portfolio.