Building the future of complex care

Belong Health works with regional health plans and hospital systems to grow or to launch new Medicare Advantage and Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan insurance offerings.

A built-to-suit health plan solution

Scalable implementation of Belong Health’s full-stack health plan operating platform works in harmony with your existing offerings. Our experts bring exactly enough support to suit your unique needs — filling gaps and adding strengths to provide complete service for you and your members.

Health Plan Infrastructure

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Clinical Management

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Care Delivery Assets

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Analytics and Technology

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A new competitive advantage for local health plans

The Medicare Advantage and Dual-Eligible Special Needs landscape is dominated by a handful of large national insurance companies— but it doesn’t have to be.

Belong Health provides coverage and care that enables local health plans to better compete with large nationals by delivering the same market-leading innovation and expertise large nationals enjoy and allowing local health plans to do what they do best -- deliver world-class health care directly into the communities they serve.

We build a community of high-performing physicians through transparent and aligned partnerships

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    Create trust and accountability across a community of physicians

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    Develop surplus distribution methodologies to fuel sustainable performance

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    Provide transparent, actionable data to meaningfully improve care and lower costs

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    Produce results with action plans, not just analytics

Our prioritized action plans drive greater health outcomes and an improved bottom line

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    Network Operations identifies trends and drills down to root causes.

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    Based on efficacy and impact, action plans are built.

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    Action plans are reviewed for adoption, modification or rejection by Physician Leadership.

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    Plans are launched and monitored at the group and individual provider level based on the potential impact for the practice and its patients.

A fresh approach to patient engagement, backed by modern science

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    Through innovative technology, expertise, and support, Belong Health advances patient-centered healthcare and reduces cost for underserved and complex populations.

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    We engage members using behavioral science and psychology that tailors sequence, cadence, and team composition directly towards each member’s needs.

A proactive process that spans each member’s experience

While many health plans struggle to manage the needs of complex members, Belong Health's comprehensive engagement model has been designed from inception to care for these communities.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    We create a preliminary view of new members by using a multi-faceted approach to data and analytics that allows us to develop hypotheses about each member's needs and to create a behaviorally informed engagement strategy ahead of onboarding.

  • New Member Onboarding

    We know first impressions are key to building trust and rapport — and we strategically leverage behavioral science to successfully engage as early as the first client interaction.

  • Assessment

    Our assessments are humanistic, designed to foster trust and build relationships, while at the same time efficiently gathering all of the appropriate healthcare data points from our members.

  • Care Plan Design

    Our interdisciplinary team includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Community Health Workers, and other clinicians who bring multiple perspectives and expertise to care plan design

  • Member Safety

    Because we know chronic health conditions can’t be managed without secure environments, we seek to establish that each member has safe living conditions, and we address any safety needs that arise.

  • Initial Engagement

    We proactively foster a trusting relationship based on foundations of equity and belonging.

  • Adherence Management

    We guide members through their care plan and track progress towards their goals.

  • On-Going Engagement

    Our members enjoy ongoing relationships—rather than traditional episodic encounters—with their clinical teams. Each care team works to anticipate members’ needs and to stop them from slipping through the cracks.

  • Follow-Through

    We know first impressions are key to building trust and rapport — and we strategically leverage behavioral science to successfully engage as early as the first client interaction.

Individualized care management for each person, delivered when and where they need it

Belong Health supplements existing care infrastructure with tailored virtual and community-based resources. We tailored to enable health plans to effectively manage and deliver the exact right care for each member. provide the right level of support that's needed for the right management and delivery of care for every member, when and where they need it.

  • Housing Stability

  • Caregiver / Team Engagement

  • Health System Resource Navigation

  • Transportation Support

  • Social Support

  • Food Security

  • Crisis Management

  • Life Directive

A modern technology platform enables everything we do

Our full-stack health plan operating platform gives us the flexibility needed to integrate with our partners and seamlessly exchange data to develop key insights that we can deliver directly to the point of care.

  • Modern User Experience

    Our CRM-based platform delivers unique insights, empowering the appropriate care team member to take the best course of action in activating and engaging the member in his/her care plan.

  • Cloud-First

    Our flexible, cloud-first technology foundation allows us to interchangeably leverage major 3rd party solutions without being tied to any specific vendor

  • Data Management

    Our platform has extensive capability to ingest, clean, normalize, and distribute various data types built upon a modern data lake that can store internally and 3rd-party-generated data in its original format

  • Analytics

    Our platform provides the right insight, to the right person, at the right time, in the right format to automate a compassionate next best action to maximize member health and financial risk

  • Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

    We will leverage Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning to drive our predictive models across our vast data assets

A fully-aligned risk-bearing partnership

We structure full risk-bearing relationships with our partners, providing mutual alignment that cannot be bought on a per-member-per-month basis.

Work with us

Countless healthcare consultants make recommendations as to how to grow your membership – but no other platform offers the breadth and long-term support of our partnership model.

Begin creating a holistic, data-informed product map of your existing portfolio and to learn how you can improve care for the most complex members of your community.