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No matter where you are in your MA & D-SNP journey, Belong Health is your comprehensive partner in executing fully integrated health plans for complex-needs populations.

Customized partnerships for your specific needs

We work with you to understand your community and your health plan’s needs and co-develop a built-for-purpose solution that allows you to deliver exceptional, whole-person care on day one.

A new competitive advantage for local health plans

The Medicare Advantage and Dual-Eligible Special Needs landscape is dominated by a handful of large national insurance companies— but it doesn’t have to be.

Belong Health helps local, community health plans compete with and beat large nationals through market-leading innovation and expertise, allowing smaller health plans to do what they do best — deliver world-class health care directly into the communities they serve.

Our model ensures sustainable growth for your health plan

When we say “built-for-purpose,” we mean wrapping your unique needs in a comprehensive approach focused on three key drivers: Provider Engagement, Integrated CS & CM, and Product, Sales & Marketing, all supported by best-in-class advanced analytics and tech infrastructure.

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  • 1
    Product, Sales & Marketing
    Drive year-round awareness and engagement with tailored outreach to dual-specific members through trusted community resources
  • 2
    Provider Engagement
    Connect with providers to increase mindshare and move from “me” to “we”
  • 3
    Integrated Care Management and Customer Service
    Get better care and better performance by combining customer service with care management that blends clinical, behavioral and social support with a local team.
  • 4
    Advanced Analytics & Technology Infrastructure
    Get better care and better performance by combining customer service with care management that blends clinical, behavioral and social support with a local team.
  • 5
    Risk & Quality
    Build a Five Star plan to maximize growth and revenue.


How much risk are you willing to take?

Belong is willing to co-invest and share D-SNP product line risk 50/50 with our plan partners pending functional responsibilities. We are willing to take on your entire population or just a subset.

What are the primary differences in D-SNP from state to state?

The primary differences depend on state-specific Medicaid benefits and eligibility, and D-SNP integration policy. Since Medicare functions as the primary insurance, products in each state require deep knowledge of Medicaid benefits for different eligibility statuses to optimize coverage for members. Some states require minimal data sharing between D-SNP and Medicaid while some require fully integrated products, meaning members have one card for all their benefits. Other states still have medicare/medicaid demonstration products or don’t have D-SNP at all.

Why is D-SNP more complicated than general MA?

The dual-eligible population demonstrates a wide range of physical, behavioral and social needs, but is highly heterogeneous. CMS requirements are significantly greater, especially for care management, support and quality. Most notably, D-SNPs must receive NCQA approval for their Model of Care, which must be strictly adhered to for each member. D-SNPs also must hold a contract with their state medicaid agency for coordination/integration processes, financial obligations, dual eligibility statuses, among other items.

What’s your approach to the care delivery assets that you choose to build vs. partner?

We integrate care management with our customer service team to provide greater integration for the member. This integration extends to clinical, behavioral and social support that are local to your plan, ensuring we understand the underlying needs of your community.

Additionally, we have built Belong Medical Group to address gaps in care found in different communities. For example, our Mental Health Connector program identifies members who may have unaddressed mental health needs and provides them a mental health provider while we work with their PCP and specialists to determine how best to provide longitudinal mental health services.

What is the underlying stack or infrastructure that powers your technology platform?

Belong's integrated technology solution was developed with member in mind. We start with a sophisticated Salesforce integration sales/marketing, and care management platforms to increase efficiency​, facilitate compliance​, and enhance reporting. We combine that with your current tech stack, or custom build based on Belong's Orchestration Platform that ingests data from dozens of sources, and manages that data for seamless integration with a member's portal, care management, and business intelligence reporting. This allows us to get up and running in less than half the time typically required (4 months vs. 9 months). Regardless of approach, we ensure the tech platform adheres to regulatory and compliance requirements. 

We were built to complement the strengths of our partner.

Health Plan Infrastructure

Benefits Design & Bid

Sales, Marketing, & Brokerage

Statutory Capital

Core Administration


Network Development

Provider Engagement

Provider Change Management

Provider / IPA Governance


Care Coordination

Care Management

Integrated Customer Service 
& Intensive Care Management

Transitions of Care

SDoH Assessment & Risk

Customer Service

Home Visits

Utilitization Management

Mental Health Connector

Care Delivery

Virtual Specialty Care

Custom-Built Care Solutions

Clinical Workflow Tech

Data, Tech, & Analytics

Actionable Insights Engine

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Bidirectional Data Value Chain

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